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IMC Water Coolers prides itself on offering a variety of environmentally friendly water coolers and filtration products. Our coolers not only address the concern of quality and lack of convenience when dealing with unsightly, heavy bottles but we offer an excellent solution to the environmental concerns of bottled water.

IMC offers a large selection of coolers that are Energy Star Rated and ADA Compliant. In addition, all our units are touch free or offer spout free dispensing. Our spouts are recessed which means they are designed to diminish the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses which may occur as a result of the traditional exposed spouts on most other coolers. In addition, going "Bottle-Less" is an excellent way to go green and do our part in helping reduce our carbon footprint! As always, IMC continues to strive to provide you with the most up to date product line and ultimate quality in our filtration products.

Brita® Water Coolers
Ultimate Line
Standard Line
Brita Water Coolers
Ultimate Line
Standard Line


Ultima II
Brita® Hydration Station
Executive Line
Ultimate II Brita Hydration Station